Yes, you can make a contribution of your choice, ranging from the minimum deposit of €500 up to any amount you choose to pay towards your funeral cost.
No, the payments you make are a contribution towards the cost of your funeral at the time it happens. The quotation we send you is based on today’s funeral cost. We cannot predict when your funeral will take place or what costs will be at that time. It is likely that prices will increase and your estate will have to pay a top up amount at the time of your funeral.
No, the cost of a cemetery plot is not included. The cost of after funeral catering is also not included.
Yes, you can take out membership for someone else. This will allow you to pay towards someone else’s funeral plans if you wish.
Yes, if you wish to transfer the value of your membership to someone else such as a spouse or other family member, please contact us to discuss your options.
We understand that your wishes may change as time passes. If you would like to change any aspect of your wishes, please contact your funeral director or My Farewell Wishes to discuss the changes you would like to make.
If this happens, the value of your payments will be deducted from your funeral bill, with the shortfall being owed by your estate at the time of your funeral.
When this happens, your representative should contact your funeral director to inform them and to have your wishes carried out.
If this happens, you can contact your funeral director or My Farewell Wishes to nominate a new representative. You can also nominate an alternative representative on your Record of Wishes form.
In the event of death in another part of Ireland, you are funeral director will organise transportation to bring you home. Your estate will be required to cover the cost of this additional service. When travelling abroad, always make sure your travel insurance covers repatriation (bringing your body home) in the event of death overseas. If repatriation is not covered, your estate will be required to cover this cost.

If you move to another area, please contact My Farewell Wishes, who may need to arrange for the transfer of your wishes to another of our partner funeral directors. Your estate may be required to pay for any difference in cost between the fees of the original funeral director and the replacement funeral director.

If you are moving country, please contact us to discuss your options.

The money you pay is held in a secure trust fund, which is managed by a corporate trust management company and regulated by the Department of Justice.
The trust fund is independent of My Farewell Wishes Ltd. so in the highly unlikely event that My Farewell Wishes ceases trading, your payments are secure. Your payments will be returned directly to you from the trust and an exit transaction charge will apply.
Yes – if you change your mind within 30 days of the start date, you should notify us and all money will be repaid in full. If you decide to cancel after this 30 day period, a cancellation fee will apply.