Why pre-plan and pre-pay your funeral?

Your Farewell Wishes are for you and your loved ones. Your pre-planned arrangements will ensure your personal wishes are carried out and will allow your loved ones to gather together, support one another, remember and celebrate your life, without the responsibility of making difficult decisions in very emotional circumstances
We understand people often don’t like to talk about what they want for their funeral. A pre planned funeral with My Farewell Wishes can help make things easier for everyone – so that when the time comes, just one phone call to your local funeral director is all that’s needed to activate your plan.
Everything will then be taken care of by your local funeral director, and carried out according to your wishes, helping to relieve your family of the stress and financial worry they may otherwise have had to face. As our customers often tell us, that can be a big weight off your mind.

Your wishes

A prearranged funeral through My Farewell Wishes will give you peace of mind knowing your wishes are understood, your funeral details are in good hands and the financial aspects have been considered.

Taken care of

Your family members won’t need to stress about getting it wrong. Payment towards your funeral expenses will help ease their uncertainty about the cost. Setting aside money to pay towards your funeral will reduce your family’s worries so that they are free to celebrate your life.

By someone you trust

Your funeral will be in safe hands. When the time comes, one phone call to your trusted local funeral director is all that is needed to put your wishes in place.