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What is the cost of a funeral?

Typically, the cost of a funeral is divided into two parts:

  • Funeral directors’ costs include their professional service, co-ordination of all
    the arrangements, and the supply of the coffin. These may also include extra
    funeral director services that you request such as funeral home use or additional
    vehicles such as a family cars/limousines.
  • Third party costs may include church fees, celebrants’ fees, burial or cremation
    fees, flowers, funeral notices, and any other third-party services requested.

There is no set price for a funeral. The choices you make and options you select will determine its cost. Your estimate will include a breakdown of the costs, so that you can better control the cost of your funeral. 

Ask your funeral director for a no-obligation funeral cost estimate when you return your Record of Wishes.

Funeral Costs

With My Farewell Wishes, you have the option to contribute towards the cost of your funeral. You can choose how much of a deposit you would like to pay.

What is the present day funeral cost estimate?

The present day funeral cost estimate is prepared by your selected funeral director and shows what your funeral would cost at today’s prices.

The more information you fill into your Record of Wishes, the more accurate your estimate will be. Not all services described in the Record of Wishes will be available in your area – your selected funeral director will discuss this with you.

The cost of the coffin will have the biggest impact on the funeral cost. If you don’t want to choose a coffin, discuss a price range with your funeral director to ensure your present day funeral cost estimate is as accurate as possible.

Your cost estimate includes a once off €300 administration fee, which covers the cost of the setting up and administration of your prepayments.

This administration fee will be deducted from your first payment. Grave Purchase and After Funeral Catering vary greatly and for this reason will not be included in your estimate.

You can make payments from as little as €500 towards your funeral services