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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a €65 fee to register your wishes with My Farewell Wishes.

My Farewell Wishes will provide you with a Certificate of Wishes along with a unique registration number. We will issue a copy of your Certificate of Wishes to your representative and selected funeral director. Your wishes will be independently stored on a secure and private National Register of Wishes which can still be retrieved even in the event of your funeral director closing their business.

Yes, you can register wishes for someone else. It is common to pre-plan a funeral for a family member or loved one. This will also allow you to pay towards someone else’s funeral cost if you wish. Confidentiality is assured – all correspondence can be sent to the person arranging the plan. Please discuss this option with your funeral director.
We understand that your wishes and circumstances may change as time passes. If you would like to change any aspect of your wishes, please contact your funeral director or My Farewell Wishes to discuss the changes you would like to make.
When this happens, your representative should contact your funeral director to inform them and to begin the process of carrying out your wishes.
If this happens, you can contact your funeral director to nominate a new representative. You can also nominate an alternative representative on your record of wishes form.
If this happens, we will help you to arrange for your wishes to be registered and carried out by another of our partner funeral directors.
One of the key features of the service of My Farewell Wishes is to ensure that in so far as is reasonably possible, the person who is likely to be aware of your death and likely to be looking after your funeral arrangements is aware that you have registered your funeral wishes. For this reason, we do not accept registrations without a nominated representative. You may request that the representative is only made aware of the existence of registered wishes and not the exact details. They may contact the selected funeral director at the time of your death for full details of your wishes.
The minimum funeral cost deposit payment you can make is €500 by cheque or bank draft, credit or debit card. Please note that the My Farewell Wishes Administration Fee will be deducted from your first payment.

Yes. You can make payments in instalments. The total payment amount that you plan to spread can be agreed between you and your selected funeral director. The first payment required will be the minimum deposit of €500 followed by monthly instalments by Direct Debit (available in 2023).

The money you prepay is held by an independent trust called the My Farewell Wishes Trust, until it is needed. My Farewell Wishes Trust is managed independently by Independent Trustee Limited, a corporate trustee company authorized by the Minister of Justice to carry on business as a Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) and a Trust Corporation pursuant to the Succession Act, 1965. The amount that you pay in deposit payments will be guaranteed by your funeral director, to be offset against your funeral cost at the time of need.
There is no set price for a funeral. The cost of a funeral is made up of funeral directors costs, and third party costs. The more information you give on your Record of Wishes, the more accurate your Present Day Funeral Cost Estimate will be.
No. The funeral cost estimate provided by your funeral director is based on the cost at the time the estimate is issued. Prices are likely to rise due to inflation and other factors. You may make top up deposits of €500 or more to offset this. If you do not wish to top up, your estate can pay the balance at the time of issue of the total funeral cost invoice.
Yes, any payments that you decide to make above the Present Day Funeral Cost Estimate can be offset against any future price inflation. This does not constitute a price guarantee.
No, the cost of a cemetery plot is not included, as this can vary greatly. The cost of after funeral catering is also not included as it is out of the control of the funeral director.
Yes, you can take out membership for someone else. This will allow you to pay towards their funeral plans.
Yes, if you wish to transfer the value of your membership to another person such as a spouse or other family member. Please contact us to discuss your options.