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Ways to pay towards your funeral cost

With deposit payments from My Farewell Wishes, you can contribute towards the cost of your funeral. You can choose how much you would like to pay, with the added optional benefit of spreading the deposit payment over a one or two-year period with direct debit.

With our flexible payment options, you can pay towards your funeral costs in a lump sum or spread the costs with direct debit.


Pay a lump sum deposit

An amount of your choice can be paid by cheque or bank draft, credit or debit card, made payable to the My Farewell Wishes Trust. You may choose to pay a deposit equal to the total of your present day funeral cost estimate. You may also agree with your funeral director to pay a deposit above the present day funeral cost estimate in order to create a provision towards future price inflation*.

Spread the Costs using Direct Debit

You can agree a total deposit amount that you would like to spread across monthly payments by direct debit. An initial amount of €500 is paid in the first month by Direct Debit, with the subsequent payments spread over the rest of the term. A Direct Debit payment schedule can be provided
by your funeral director.

*It is likely that prices will increase and your estate will have to pay an additional amount at the time
of your funeral. Any payments that you decide to make above the present day funeral cost estimate
will be offset against future price inflation. However, this does not constitute a price guarantee.

Your money is secure and safe

Your money is secure and safe. The money you prepay is held by an independent trust called the My Farewell Wishes Trust, until it is needed. My Farewell Wishes Trust is managed independently by Independent Trustee Limited, a corporate trustee company authorised by the Minister of Justice to carry on business as a Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) and a Trust Corporation pursuant to the Succession Act, 1965. The amount that you pay in deposit payments will be guaranteed by your funeral director, to be offset against your funeral cost at the time of need.

You can request a present day funeral cost estimate at any stage from your Funeral Director. If you request this, you will receive a statement showing your updated present day funeral cost estimate, as well as top up options, should you wish to top up your deposit payments.

Your prepayments are called “deposits” because funeral costs may rise between the time that you receive your estimate and the time of your death, and your estate may have to pay a balance. The amount you have paid in deposits will be deducted from your funeral bill.